Meditation is silencing the incessant chatter of the restless mind for that ... we ... begin ... with ... the ... breath. The process of meditation is simple - Close your eyes and be with your natural breath. Meditation silences the restless waves of mind, thereby preserving soul energy leading to good health, peace of mind and wisdom of life. Meditation done inside a pyramid, or underneath a pyramid, is called as Pyramid MeditationMeditation Procedure...


The Pyramid Spiritual Societies are non-religious, non-cult, non-profit voluntary organizations whose sole mission is to spread Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Power to one and all. Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) is a part of the world-wide New Age Spiritual Revolution. It is a movement leading humanity from violence to non-violence... from non-vegetarianism to vegetarianism... from blind religious belief to scientific experimentation and scientific logic... from insane materialism to sane spirituality. Read More...


Brahmarshi Patriji

Brahmarshi Patriji, founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), realized the power of meditation through his own profound experiences early in his life and attained enlightenment in the year 1979. Ever since, he has made as his life mission - the objective of teaching and promoting meditation and vegetarianism to people all over the world. His approach has been completely scientific and secular without invoking any religious symbolism. Read More...



Vegetarianism is absolutely essential for spiritual life. In fact, spirituality and vegetarianism are synonymous. EVERYBODY HAS TO BECOME A VEGETARIAN. ANIMALS ARE NOT FOOD FOR HUMANS. We should eat only according to our need ... not according to our greed. Read More ...



The pyramid is the symbol of all round development. They are four sides in a pyramid. They represent four kingdoms - Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Human Kingdom. The four sides of pyramid unite there. They all become one. That is Spirituality. Read more...

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Patriji Quotes

All physical afflictions are because of mental worries. All mental worries are because of intellectual immaturity. Intellectual immaturity is because of lack of spiritual energy, lack of spiritual wisdom.
- Brahmarshi Patriji

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